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The Baker Orange

P.O. Box 65

Baldwin City, KS 66006

Phone: (785) 594-4559

e-mail: orangeedit@gmail.com

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The Baker Orange is produced by Baker University students with the goal of keeping the university community informed while providing an educational and practical experience to mass media students. The staff works independently of the trustees, administration, faculty and staff of Baker University. Decisions about news coverage and opinion pieces reflect the best judgment of staff leaders, the editorial board and individual staff members.


Sarah Baker, editor

Shelby Stephens, photo editor

Dory Smith, multimedia editor

Whitney Silkey, assistant editor

Nathalia Barr, sports editor

Bailey Conklin, assistant sports editor

Lexi Loya, assistant photo editor

Brenna Thompson, assistant news editor

Levi Blaylock, advertising manager

Jessica Lane, video manager

Maria Echeverry, graphics editor


Dave Bostwick, associate professor of mass media | dave.bostwick@bakeru.edu