Cast takes turn to 'Angel Street'


theater.jpg:Senior Brian Berrens and junior Katie Bettis rehearse a scene from the upcoming production of "Angel Street." The actors in the show are required to use a British accent, which has been a focus of rehearsal and production.:Joey Hermes

With the premiere of "Angel Street" less than two weeks away, the cast and crew are hoping that smooth rehearsals mean their work will pay off.

Associate Professor of Theater Bruce Woodruff said most of the cast members have worked together before so the show is where it should be at this point in the rehearsal schedule.

Woodruff makes suggestions for improvement after each separate act is rehearsed during the three hours the casts puts in Sunday through Thursday.

He said he critiques everything from the way performers walk and their physical gestures to performers' accents.

"The most challenging part of this play is that we are using British accents," Woodruff said. "Our library has a number of sources including sets of tapes and companion manuals on many different accents. This allows the actors a chance to get a flavor for the sound."

Senior Will Weyhrauch, one of the cast members of "Angel Street," said the demanding rehearsal schedule is necessary.

"The rehearsals are exhausting, but that is the way it is supposed to be," Weyhrauch said. "If they're not, then you are not working hard enough."

Behind the scenes, freshman Rachael Moon is the show's stage manager.

"I watch script, make sure the actors get their lines, set up the stage before the show and I will be cueing the lights and sound for the actual performances," Moon said. "I basically make the director's life easier."

Freshman Kaci Forsythe is the only cast member who has not performed at Baker before. She said she is both excited and anxious about her debut at Baker.

"I think rehearsals are going very well," Forsythe said. "As time passes, you can see the show progressing, and it gets more exciting."

While Forsythe is preparing for her first show, senior Brian Berrens is getting ready for his last show in Rice Auditorium.

Berrens said he feels prepared but anxious because the show is coming up so soon. He said one aspect of the show he likes is the period clothing.

"I have not seen my entire costume, but I like what I've seen so far," Berrens said. "It is always challenging to dress for a period piece, but all the costumes in past Baker shows have been amazing and phenomenal."


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