Students heading far from Baker




Suitcases are packed, tickets are printed, gas tanks are full and so are wallets. Students are ready for spring break.

While some students are opting to spend break at home unwinding with their families, others are ready to de-stress on beaches, at malls, in nightclubs, at concerts or visiting friends in far off cities.

Some plans have been made for months. Others were made just a week ago.

Freshman Josh Padilla planned to spend his first college spring break with friends on the beach in Pensacola Bay, Fla.

"I'm going to go the beach and chill," he said.

He and friends, freshman Bo Smith and senior Greg West, have had plans for the last month to spend the week away from Baldwin City relaxing on the beach.

Juniors Luke Cavlovich and Alex Dingman are also heading south for the week away from classes. Along with six other friends, they are headed on a road trip to South Padre Island, Texas. The group found a deal that included seven nights in a condo and 14 meals plus nightly entertainment for the price of $274 per person.

"I plan on just relieving a lot of stress, taking it easy and not having a lot of responsibilities," Dingman said.

The group plans to leave today for the 17-hour drive.

Junior Tracy Light's plans were made about a week ago when she found cheap tickets to Chicago.

"I'm flying for about $100 round-trip," she said.

Once in the Windy City, Light plans to visit an old friend.

Sophomore Morgan Rinck is going home with a new friend for spring break. She and her sorority sister, freshman Erin Hignight, are headed to Wisconsin with freshman Lauren Hanson.

"We're going to visit (Lauren's) mom and dad and hang out at the Mall of America and go to some of the colleges in Wisconsin," Rinck said.

She said the trip had been planned for a while.

"We had to get our airplane tickets and make sure we have everything we need packed and make sure we actually have money," Rinck said.

While students are headed in all directions for break and have made a variety of plans, the common feeling among most students is a desire to get away from Baker University and Baldwin City for a while.

"I am most looking forward to getting out of Baldwin, where there is such a lack of things to do," Cavlovich said. "Fraternities try to have parties and stuff to liven things up, but something always goes wrong."

Dingman is also anxious to escape Baldwin.

"Getting out of Baldwin City is what I am looking forward to," he said. "Plus, meeting new people and hanging out with people I hang out with here but in a place a lot warmer."

Light said she is anxious to get out of Kansas for a while.

Padilla said he is anticipating spending time away from Baldwin City.

Rinck wants to get away from school.


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