Alumni create improv group

Chucklebuckets is a new improvisational group based in Baldwin City, consisting of four alumni of Baker University.

"Chucklebuckets is somewhat like our own version of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?'" Chucklebuckets member and Baker alumnus Bob Linebarger said. "We play short games and also do (improvisational) on situational events."

The members include Denver Little, Josh Morgan, Justin Whittaker and Linebarger. Linebarger and Little both grew up in the Wichita area and have known each other since they were 8 years old. 

"Me and Denver didn't like each other until high school," Linebarger said. "He was always too mad and I was always too sad. Later in high school, we became the best of friends."

Linebarger and Little did not meet Morgan and Whittaker until they arrived at Baker. Whittaker is from Carbondale and Morgan is from Hoxie.

All four members participated in the Baker University improvisational group Loud Noises while at Baker. 

"Morgan and Whittaker are two of the best (improvisational) performers I have ever seen," Tom Heiman, faculty adviser of Loud Noises, said. "The men had the ability to tell funny jokes without going for the cheap laugh."  

Linebarger had the idea for Chucklebuckets around the time of their graduation in May. The men wanted to continue performing after their college days were over.

So far, Chucklebuckets has had performances at the Melange Apron in Baldwin City.

The group plans on entertaining audiences in different locations as well, and they hope to perform at other venues in Lawrence and Baldwin City.

Linebarger said this group is not just a hobby for him, but something he wants to make a career out of.

"The other members of the group may have other goals in life, but this is something that I am making a serious investment into as a career," Linebarger said.

Linebarger has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and have his own improvisational group.  The group plans on making people laugh and teaching the art of comedy.  Linebarger would like to have the opportunity to go to different schools in the area and teach students about the art of comedy.

"I enjoy my group doing improv and making people laugh," Linebarger said. "Being able to teach and educate students on the art of comedy and improv would be a success for the Chucklebuckets group as well. An educational opportunity is just as good as a performance."

Senior Aaron Schopper worked with the members of Chucklebuckets during his time as a member of Loud Noises and said he learned a lot from the four BU alumni.

"I was able to learn a lot of stuff about the structure of improv working with the group last year," Schopper said. "I never met a group of guys so serious about making people laugh."


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