Price brothers share deep bond


Jarid Price:Sophomore Jarid Price attempts to shake free from the grip of freshman Robert Shadrach in wrestling practice Wednesday in Mabee Gym. :Baker Orange


Cole Price, Jarid Price, Jarell Price: Freshman Cole and sophomores Jarell and Jarid Price share a meal together Monday in Allen Dining Hall after working out. Brothers Jarell, Jarid and Cole Price, from Las Vegas are all three members of the Baker University wrestling team. The three often spend time together outside of practice.:Baker Orange

As the Price brothers sit at the dinner table, they each have a plate full of food and a big bowl of salad, none of which are topped with tomatoes.

Their expressed dislike of tomatoes is not the only thing they have in common.

Brothers Jarell, Jarid and Cole Price, from Las Vegas are all members of Baker University wrestling team.

"It's kind of unique to get three brothers at one private school, in one wrestling program, all at the same time," head coach Jimmy May said. "They're all just great kids and have all three been strong additions to program."

Jarell and Jarid, both sophomores, previously attended California Baptist University.

"I was used to the big city thing, and I wanted to get the small university feel," Jarell said.

The two became interested in Baker when coach May approached them.

May is a former coach at Eldorado High School in Las Vegas, where Cole, a freshman at BU, attended high school.

"We knew he was a really good coach, and that he could guide us and help us get to the top," Jarid said.

May has coached Jarell to a 29-4 record and a fourth-place regional tournament finish, and Jarid to a 15-4 record. They have both qualified for the national tournament.

Although their father was a college basketball player, it seems as if wrestling runs through their blood, and their minds, at all times.

"When we're not practicing, we're fighting and wrestling around, trying to get better," Jarid said.

They spend up to four hours a day in the weight room and gym, but spend much more time together outside of practicing and working out.

The three brothers live in Gessner Hall, and the brotherly bond is obvious on and off the wrestling mat.

"They help each other get better," May said. "Each brother kind of coaches the other a little."

In the future, the strength of their bond and the BU wrestling team could increase, as they have a younger brother who is a high school sophomore.

"When I see my brother win, it makes me want to win," Cole said. "He'll push me harder than someone who doesn't know me as well could."

While the brothers share the same hobbies and taste, the character they display on the wrestling team by far outweighs them all.

"They have great character, never complain and do what they are asked to do," May said. "They are very focused on what they want in life."


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