Phi Mu sorority awaits decision


BreAnne Hendricks, Dannie Harris, Katie Reed, Bailey Stines:Juniors BreAnne Hendricks, Dannie Harris, sophomore Katie Reed and freshman Bailey Stines talk inside the Phi Mu sorority house Tuesday.:[Rachel Dannon] the Baker Orange

Baker University's Zeta Alpha chapter of Phi Mu sorority appealed a decision Sunday made by the Phi Mu Fraternity National Council to suspend the operations of the chapter starting May 22.

Phi Mu National President Kris Bridges said in an email Tuesday the decision to close the chapter was made because the women of the chapter had not reached goals set by themselves pertaining to membership, operations, academics and finances. She added several current members are not in good standing with the organization, due to an inability to meet financial obligations.

The women of the Zeta Alpha chapter appealed the decision Sunday in Mabee Memorial Hall. During the appeal, the women were able to present their case and answer questions presented by the national council.

Members of the sorority declines to comment about the appeal.

"The ladies of the Zeta Alpha chapter did an outstanding job (Sunday). Though faced with some tough questions, they were professional, objective and passionate. We appreciate your continued support, as well as thoughts and prayers as we wait for the results," Phi Mu advisor Becky Rossman Schneider wrote on the wall of the Baker University Phi Mu Facebook page Monday.

As of Thursday there were 1,063 signatures on its petition website, "Don't close the Zeta Alpha chapter of Phi Mu."

The Operation Ladybug – Support Phi Mu event page posted "Thanks to everyone for all the support we have received! It has helped us through this tough time. Just presented the appeal tonight, so we'll hear something later in the week," as its status Sunday.

If Phi Mu National Headquarters decides to close the chapter, it could have an effect on formal recruitment for sorority life in the fall at Baker.

"Panhellenic has passed two versions of the recruitment schedule, a version with four chapters and a version with three chapters," Director of Student Life Brett Bruner said.

Bridges said the chapter will be notified by the national headquarters of the decision by Sunday.

No decision had been made as of Thursday morning.


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