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Senior Cate Richards hosts her show "The Catacombs" every Tuesday from 10 p.m.-Midnight.

Senior Cate Richards hosts her show "The Catacombs" every Tuesday from 10 p.m.-Midnight. Sara Bell

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Cate Richards and Gloria Atanmo discuss their on-air work on KNBU-FM. (requires Flash Player)

The campus radio station, 89.7 the Edge KNBU-FM, has grown.

Now, with 14 shows on air, more students have been behind the microphone to share their interests, musical tastes and opinions.

Many mass media majors are enjoying the opportunity to gain experience, but not all students on air are mass media majors. Some students are on air for their own personal enjoyment and love for radio.

Station Manager Brad Barnes has been working with the radio station for four semesters and is excited to see the program grow.

“I definitely like the fact that we are growing,” Barnes said. “It came down to the point where Joe (Watson, KNBU-FM adviser) had to start turning people away because of enrollment numbers.”

Sean Webb, a biology/ pre-medicine major, has been part of radio for two semesters as co-host of a sports talk radio show called “Sports Talk with Shawn and Sean.”

Webb’s first experience began during his sophomore year of high school and where he called most of his high school’s basketball games.

After graduating from high school and coming to Baker, being part of radio still had importance to Webb.

“I still wanted to be involved with radio even though I was pre-med.” Webb said. “It was a big deal to me to be able to do both.”

The radio station staff is split between non-mass media majors and mass media majors. Barnes believes it makes the radio station stronger.

“We have probably half of the students who are non-majors, and, frankly, some of them are our best,” Barnes said.

Although the radio station is growing and finding success in its growth, it hasn’t gone without its share of problems.

Along with having so many new students in the class comes long hours of training.

“With more people in the class, there are obviously more training issues,” Barnes said.

Barnes said “communication is key” to solving the bulk of problems the radio station comes across.

“Anytime we have an issue I just have to make sure that I notify (Watson) and from there we take the necessary steps,” Barnes said.


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