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Mungano president


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Katerra Shackelford

Why did you choose to become involved in Mungano?

I like the ideals that Mungano has promoting diversity on campus, and highlighting different cultures.

What kind of things do you do as president of the group?

I kind of just overlook and delegate events that we may have. I also help plan the weekly meetings and kind of help with the bigger scope projects, like the Big 12 Conference.

What are some of the events that Mungano has going on?

Right now, for Halloween, we’re doing a labels program. So, the whole campus is invited. What we’ll do is at this Thursday’s meeting, we’ll ask the whole group to write down labels that they’ve been called or labels that they may know of. And at next week’s meeting right before Halloween, we’ll have people pick labels out of a hat and they’ll post them on their back and everybody will get up and treat the person like the label they are on their back.

So, it’s a really fun way to kind of highlight diversity and how we think of stereotypes in our culture.

What are some of the other events you’re looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to the Big 12 Student Government Conference. This year it’s at the University of Oklahoma.

What does the conference entail?

It’s just a time where all of the Big 12 schools and a lot of non-Big 12 schools get together and we have workshops Thursday through Saturday. We have different speakers come in.

Does the conference give you a lot of ideas to bring back and implement on campus?

Yes, we learn a lot of ideas. The labels thing we’re doing for Halloween is one of the workshops that was being held at the Big-12 Student Government Conference last year. We also just really want to show that after this conference, people step up into leadership roles. I know the students that went last year, a lot of them are on the Mungano board after going to the conference.

Is that what encouraged you to become president of Mungano?

This was the reason why I became president. I think at the student government conference, not only do the workshops help, but it helps seeing a lot of the other multicultural organizations on other college campuses. It kind of helps us plan what we’re going to do for the upcoming year.


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