New visitor’s center to receive iPad

An iPad will make the information a university admissions assistant needs much more portable at the welcome center in Denious Hall.

The iPad will be useful for UAAs when giving tours, as it will be easy to access or enter information using WiFi capabilities from somewhere other than behind a desk.

“We want them just sort of hanging out (in the visitor’s center),” Angela Butell, associate director of admission and campus visit coordinator, said. “The iPad will allow them to pull up any information that a student might need and show them videos and different stuff, as well as help with any of the itineraries … but it doesn’t require the desk.”

A set of iPads were purchased last year by the admissions office and divided among departments. The iPad the UAAs will receive will be one of those iPads that was set aside for use in the new visitor’s center.

Butell said the iPad may help Baker appear more technologically advanced.


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