Baker Serves to host hunger relief event

As a part of Real Food Week, Baker Serves is hosting an event called SWIPE Out Hunger by Numana.

The event will take place at 2 p.m. Oct. 23 in the Harter Union basement.

Numana is a group internationally known for supporting hunger relief.

After Director of Student Life Brett Bruner attended the Kansas Hunger Dialogue where he took part in the event, he brought the idea back to Baker Serves.

“We got 20,000 meals for free that we get to pack,” Baker Serves President Lauren Williams said. “We have to do it in October and it happened to be in the month around (Real) Food Week.”

The packages created by volunteers during the event will be filled with a mixture of beans and rice and sent to people in Haiti and Japan.

Bruner is excited for the event and for volunteers to take part in it.

“We’ve had a couple students who have done Numana’s packaging event in their hometowns. We have some SN101 classes who are excited about participating, and so, in the next couple weeks, we will be doing a big (public relations) blitz to really get people to sign up,” Bruner said.

Tanya Sieber, interim director of dining services, is looking forward to the event taking place during Real Food Week.

“The members of the planning committee and I all feel very strongly that awareness of hunger not only globally, but even within our own seemingly well-off little community, is lacking,” Sieber said.

As president of Baker Serves, Williams said preparations have been kind of difficult, but the executive board has been helpful.

She is also excited for the project because she has never taken part in a Numana event.

“I think that it’s just a really cool opportunity to be a part of it and know that something that I’m doing in Baldwin City, Kan., a super tiny town in the smack dab middle of America, can make a difference across the world,” Williams said. “It’s kind of cool to think I can take two hours out of my day, package some meals and make somebody else’s life that much better.”

To sign up to participate in the event, visit the Baker University website and search for SWIPE Out Hunger.

“Know that it’s going to be a blast and that we’re going to make it super fun and that you can register as an individual or as an organization, so like all of the organizations on campus can get involved,” Williams said. “We just kind of want everyone to hear about it and be able to have the opportunity to volunteer.”


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