Q & A: with Denesha Jones

People Empowering People Coordinator


The Baker Orange

Denesha Jones

Why did you decide to organize the People Empowering People rally?

I decided to do the People Empowering People rally because I felt that there were so many issues on Baker’s campus that individuals were facing that everyone should be aware. We should not feel uncomfortable at a place where we frequently call home. I thought it would be a good chance for everyone to come together and work towards being “One Baker.” I know of many students who expressed that they felt there were issues with stereotypes, racism, discrimination and prejudice, so I took their problem and tried to make a solution.

Where did the idea come from?

It came from the students and from a movie I watched years ago called, “Higher Learning.” In this movie, these students experienced worse issues and one of the students put on a rally. The rally helped bring the campus together and made it easier for the black and white students to become friends after a while.

Have you ever organized a big event like this before?

I have helped organize events with Mungano because I act as secretary, but I have never done anything this big on my own.

Do you have any other interests that you would like to see happen or appear on Baker’s campus?

I would just like to see the campus come together as one and work towards eliminating the negative stereotypes that we may or may not see on campus. I want to see more diversity and more participation with the campus in the events that actually do take place.

Having organized this event, you obviously have a passion for Baker’s campus. What do you like most about Baker?

There are a lot of things that I like about Baker’s campus. I enjoy the close relationships that I have acquired with many of the staff and students. The campus experience is just helping me to grow and become more diverse everyday. I like that I am able to get involved in things and learn about others and that there are people willing to open up to me. Being here is getting me ready for the future.


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