Infanti shares phobia of paranormal

I am a scaredy cat. I am a complete baby when it comes to any type of horror, haunting, ghosts, ghouls and spirits. Any type of paranormal activity will send me running. I’m completely aware that belief in the paranormal world is out there, but I prefer to just not get involved.

We have stories, books and movies all depicting ghosts, ghouls and spirits that supposedly roam around our world of the living and Baker apparently is not short of its stories of ghost sightings.

I don’t know if I completely believe that Baker is haunted. There are stories told that there are ghosts in Old Castle Museum, but I am willing to be the first person to admit that I am not looking to have any encounter with any type of ghost or spirit.

Call me a wuss or whatever you like, but I’ve never fully understood some people’s need to experience hauntings.

Also, any type of ghost-related occurrences that may have happened scare me, but most stories told are normally heard with complete skepticism. I’ve heard people tell stories about having unexplained experiences and although they are interesting to listen to, I doubt they are believed.

One of my classes this semester looks into critical thinking about paranormal activity that has occurred. There have been countless stories of people claiming to have encounters with ghosts, spirits and entities. I’ve written a paper examining a claim made by a family from Connecticut that they were haunted by evil spirits. Once again, though, I found myself extremely skeptical.

The class has gone to Old Castle Museum two times now over the semester in hopes that we would come across the ghosts who are rumored to occupy the building. My experiences were nothing short of being completely normal.

While sitting in the dark with fellow students, I experienced no cold sweats, unexplained sounds or any types of paranormal activity. Both nights consisted of sitting and waiting around for something to happen. The room was dark and everyone was trying to be quiet.

Maybe we were doing it wrong or maybe the ghosts just didn’t like us. I didn’t see or experience anything. I don’t pride myself on being a professional ghost hunter and I wasn’t really itching to be haunted by anything, anyway. I prefer to keep my general sense of what’s known and unknown separated. The unknown being whether ghosts really do float around our world trying to contact us, or whatever ghosts do.

From these experiences, I’ve gathered several observances. First, I don’t quite believe that Baker is haunted. Second, I am still a scaredy cat. Third, I’m not very good at ghost hunting and lastly, I find that I’m perfectly fine with that.


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