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Senior Ryan Douvier goes through his sketches Wednesday night in the New Living Center. Douvier is pursuing his dream of architectural school and is deciding between attending the University of Kansas or the University of Illinois.

For seniors at Baker University, their time as students is quickly approaching its closing stages, and for most, they are about to embark on an exciting journey into a new chapter of their life.

Senior Ryan Douvier is beginning his post-graduate life by pursuing his dream of architectural school. He has wanted to be an architect since he graduated high school and knew it was something he really wants to chase in his journey for the right career.

“I am just really excited for the opportunity to go to graduate school for something I love,” Douvier said.

He is yet to make his final decision of where he will go, but it is between the University of Kansas and the University of Illinois. He is really searching for what each program can offer him and where it will take him in the long term.

“I am just trying to figure out what area of architecture I fit better into,” Douvier said. “I just need to really look at what each school offers me with programs, financial aid, etc., and what can give me more long-term results.”

While Douvier might be staying closer to home, two other seniors are embarking on travels overseas to start the new chapters in their lives.

Senior Andrew Woodsworth was accepted to Kings College of England in London. He will be going to study his passion of late ancient/early medieval civilization. This college is one of the leading schools in this field and Woodsworth feels it is a good match for him to dig deeper.

“I applied at this college because my interests are unique and this school could really accommodate my interests,” Woodsworth said.

He will not go overseas immediately after graduating because he plants to work a year to save up money and spend some time away from academics, while spending time with his family and friends before he starts the new journey.

“I think I will be a lot happier by taking a year off,” Woodsworth said. “I don’t want to get burnt out academically because this is a very amazing opportunity to explore things in one of the best places to study medieval history.”

One of Woodsworth’s goals is to get a doctorate in ancient/medieval history, to do a lot of research and to teach as much as he can in this subject. His long-term goal is to write a textbook over barbarian history and to share it with students.

Another senior going overseas is Will Duncan. He was accepted into the program of global government and diplomacy at Oxford University. He will be going to get a Master of Science, which is a one-year program. To be accepted into this program, students must have a cumulative 3.8 GPA, prove they can pay the tuition, have a student visa and have an official completed transcript, all of which Duncan was able to do.

He will embark on his journey Oct. 8 and is excited for a number of reasons.

“I am really looking forward to being in the atmosphere of such a prestigious place, the overall content of the courses I will be taking and just really looking forward to being in England,” Duncan said.


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