Cassie Wells faces dilemma before wedding

Every aspect of life is unpredictable, especially vehicles.

The first Sunday of spring break, a curveball was thrown in my direction.

My fiancé, Addison, and I were at church waiting for our bridal shower to start when I realized I forgot my camera at my parent’s house. Addison offered to get the camera so I could properly document the bridal shower because he knew I would want pictures.

On the way to the house, Addison got into a car accident and totaled my car.

The unexpected call was one of the scariest calls because when I heard my phone ring and saw it was him, I thought he was calling to ask where the camera was in the house; however, that wasn’t it at all.

When I realized what he was telling me I asked two questions: are you okay and how bad is the car?

He said he was okay, but the car was a goner.

Attempting to calm him down and to assure him I wasn’t furious, I told Addison, “the car is replaceable, but you aren’t.”

After we hung up, I broke down. Luckily, not many people had shown up for the shower yet, so I was only crying in front of my grandmother and a few other women.

I felt so bad because it took me a while to get myself together. It got a lot better when I saw Addison walk into the church with my dad.

Since then, Addison and I are sharing his car to get around, which has been working fine.

Sharing a car is an interesting experience, especially if you are like me and are used to having your own car and transportation.

This has shown me that I might be a little too dependent on my car.

I’m constantly on the go doing something. Addison has definitely been understanding of my crazy schedule. He drops me off and picks me up from school.

However, Addison’s vehicle isn’t very reliable when driving long distances, so to get home for our wedding Saturday, his parents have allowed us to carpool with them to get to Nixa, Mo., and possibly to get back to Kansas if I don’t have a car by then.

I’m hoping that I will have a car for us to drive back to Kansas Sunday, but if not, that will be just fine because this weekend I’m not going to focus on our transportation dilemma.

I’m going to focus on the big day. This includes things like not tripping down the aisle, and not forgetting our wedding bands, which both are possibilities ... if you know me, you understand.

The way I’m looking at it, the end of this car dilemma leads to Saturday.

On Saturday as long as at the end of the day I’m Mrs. Addison Smith, that’s all that matters.


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