1 on 1: with Kevin Kunde


After graduating from the University of Kansas, you have worked in the Baker University athletic department as an intern and currently serve as the Assistant Athletic Director of Communications. How much have you gained from your experience at Baker?

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1 on 1: with Kevin Kunde

I have gained a lot in regards to just the appreciation of working in athletics. It is humbling the (number of) hours (I) put in. I have had a lot of people come up and ask me, ‘How do you manage the hours?’ and a lot of it is that it doesn’t seem like work a lot of the time. (I’m) dealing with sports and student-athletes and obviously Baker University. It has been a big part of my life the past four years with that kind of stuff.

While you have put in your fair share of hours for the athletic department over the past four years, you have decided to move on to be the Marketing Strategist and Sales Coordinator at SERVPRO Restoration in Kansas City, Mo. What kind of work do you expect to be doing for that position at SERVPRO?

At SERVPRO, what I’m going to be doing for them is I’ll be going to sites that need restoration (such as) smoke, water and fire damage. I’ll be putting together a marketing plan, not only trying to put together an emergency plan for the actual company, but also for potential clients that would want that kind of stuff done for them. A lot of it is going to be transferable from what I did here in terms of the grand scheme of marketing and we’ll kind of see, I guess. It’s a new adventure; that’s for sure.

How do you think the work you have done at Baker will help prepare for your job at SERVPRO?

The transfer of knowledge that I gained at Baker will improve SERVPRO in the marketing capacity. The social media, website, print media, all that will be utilized just like what I have here. It just won’t be in the athletic genre. Like I said, it will be challenging, but I think it was challenging here, too. It will be a fun journey.

What will you miss most about being the Assistant Athletic Director of Communications at Baker?

Probably just everyone here at Baker ... the family environment. I don’t know if that is going to be replicated anywhere in the rest of my life. Just how people make you feel here. Since day one that I’ve been here, there’s a comfortability about Baker. Now that it is my fourth year here, it feels like being right out of college as a student. I feel like I’ve almost gone here. It’s like my senior year and I feel like it is May and I’m graduating going on to something else. It’s kind of crazy. It’s a cool thing. I plan on still helping out the athletic department next year with coming back and helping around with stats and whatever really needs to be done on weekends since I’ll finally have enough weekends free.


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