Atanmo looks back on BU experience

I love every bit of my ethnicity.

Sure we can dance well and wear our Beats headphones around our necks for absolutely no reason, but contrary to popular belief, that isn’t all that I love about my chocolate complexion. 

For the past four years, I’ve obtained this phantom title known as “The Token Black Girl.”

And while it has been an ongoing joke among my friends, coaches and faculty members, it’s an unspoken truth that I’ve come to terms with and now fully embrace.

Now being the TBG comes with its responsibilities.

So be prepared to attend many events to show others how diverse the campus is and represent the tiny percentage that your population actually makes up. 

However, I do take my role in this community very seriously, and come time for graduation, I can’t wait for my name to be recited not with Cum Laude, but with Cum Token.

I think my mother will be proud of my accomplishment.

And I do realize this title and crown must be passed down to a future Token Black Girl who will uphold these criteria to the best of her ability.

Which reminds me, I’ll be having campus-wide auditions next week for all 10 of my other soul sistahs out there. John Babb, The Token Black Guy, will be featured as one of the judges.

I remember my high school’s football coach, a Baker alumni, telling me that if I chose Baker, I will indeed make my mark, leave a legacy and never be forgotten.

And after four years, I can only hope that the mark he was talking about wasn’t from the raccoon I ran over a couple weeks ago.

All PETA litigations aside, I will forever be indebted to Baker because of the opportunities and amazing people it’s brought into my life.

Whether I have hopes to be the next Oprah, or “Gloprah” as I used to say, my TBG status at Baker has me well on my way.

And whether or not you take my Token Black Girl status seriously, future employers won’t have any choice but to remember my application over the other hundreds, when they see this title listed under Honors and Achievements on my resume. 

The success I’ve encountered, the businesses I’ve established, and the wisdom I’ve acquired, speaks volumes to my testament of Baker’s impact in my life. It’s bestowed in me such a confidence and motivation, that I will leave here feeling like I can conquer the world, and knowing I have unlimited resources at the palm of my hand. All thanks to Baker. 

Four years ago, I came to Baker as the Token Black Girl, and soon I’ll be leaving as the Token Black Woman.


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