KNBU-FM seeks a true alternative format

Coming into Baker I didn’t know much about how radio worked. I understood that music was played or people talked. Beyond that I just thought the whole thing was magic. Then after an internship in the summer of 2013 at Entercom Radio in Mission, I decided that radio was what I wanted to do.

I immediately took part in Baker’s radio station, KNBU-FM 89.7 The Edge, with three different shows my first semester. I fell in love with it. From that point on I knew I wanted to make KNBU the best college radio station that it could be, even if that required some outside help and extra work. So as station manager I decided that the station needed a face-lift.

For those of you unfamiliar with the station, it is used for student-run shows Sunday through Thursday nights. These shows vary from sports talk to country shows to hip-hop shows, although it is technically an alternative station. The station is also used for the broadcasting of all Baker football, basketball and Baldwin High School football games.

The programming schedule used to be a bit strange. Even though the station is technically an alternative format, there used to be all types of music playing throughout the day. So this summer, Morgan Grammar, our station’s engineer and new radio class instructor, and I decided to make the station strictly an alternative station. We have changed the entire music library to fit the alternative category.

We also created a website for the station,, which will allow for online streaming on your computer or mobile device, once it is up and running. This also means that you can stream every game online, free of charge. There will also be weekly blogs, interviews, and podcasts for Baldwin High football as well as Baker football and basketball.

I am incredibly excited with the way the station has turned out and what the future has for radio here in Baldwin City. I hope that when you think of Baker football, basketball, or Baldwin Bulldog football, you think of Baker University's True Alternative, 89.7 The Edge.


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