Baldwin City adds disc golf course

A disc golf course was built around the Baldwin City Lake. The course circles the lake, offering a new form of entertainment for Baldwin City residents.

A disc golf course was built around the Baldwin City Lake. The course circles the lake, offering a new form of entertainment for Baldwin City residents. Image by Callie Paquette.

Each year, the Baldwin City Recreation Commission looks for ways to add value and quality of life for those in the community. The organization hopes the recent addition of a disc golf course near the Baldwin City Lake will accomplish this goal.

The idea for the course, which is located at 1825 N 100 Rd., developed during a meeting with the Community Development Committee as the two groups discussed ways to utilize city-owned property.

“We feel that it’s kind of a small niche, but there are people that are into this sport that will travel around to different locations,” city council member Shane Starkey said. “There are some in Topeka and Lawrence has a few, and they stay relatively busy. If it entices people to come down, maybe it’ll bring people in to the city and generate some tax revenue.”

Starkey says the course is in “somewhat of a preliminary phase,” however, the 18-hole course is set up, mowed and ready for regular disc golfers or beginners to try their hand at the sport.

“It’s open and it’s free of charge, there will never be a charge to it,” Starkey said. “It’s just something for the community to play and go have fun.“

The Baldwin City Recreation Commission’s mission statement, “providing places, pathways and programs to promote healthy lifestyles and maximize positive behaviors in the community,” emphasizes its goals to make a better community for Baldwin City residents.

Starkey said there are a lot of plans to accomplish those goals, but this one was low-cost and relatively easy, which made it uncomplicated to complete.

“We want to promote healthy lifestyles, but there’s also social interaction,” Ryan Dalton, Baldwin City recreational sports coordinator, said. “That’s one of the main reasons why people go golf. Adults enjoy hanging out with people, kids like the competition, and we enjoy being able to provide places where kids can learn and grow. Athletics and sportsmanship reflects how the youth grow in the community and they learn a variety of social life skills that can provide them a lot of social influence when they grow up.“

The recreation commission provides the community with multiple avenues for social interaction and activities through triathlons, wine festivals and spring softball leagues. Dalton points out that the programs are not only for city residents but also Baker students.

“There is already a good bond between Baldwin City patrons and Baker students, but it can always be stronger,” Dalton said. “Community events are for everyone. Our doors are never closed to the Baker kids, we want them to be just as involved as everyone else.”

Junior Ryan Gleue is enthusiastic about the disc golf course, not only because he enjoys the sport, but because it means another thing for students to do in their down time.

“It’s a small town and the only thing to do is hang out with friends and do activities,” Gleue said. “This would give Baker students a new activity to do. Plus, we could add it to the intramural sports.”


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