DIY: Picture Frame Tray

Image by Sarah Baker.


A simple way to upcycle an old picture frame into something of use is to make it into a decorative tray. I made this one to hold items for a silent auction, but these trays have many uses, from dining table centerpieces to bathroom candle stands.

What you need:

Picture frame (preferably an older one with thicker glass or stick with plastic-y fake glass)


Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Any decoration materials and tools desired [ribbon, paint, sand paper, brushes, ink, etc.]


Step 1: Gather materials.

Step 2: Make a design on paper or fabric the size of your frame. Clean the glass from the picture frame if needed.

Step 3: Sand the frame and paint it with a color of your choice. Sand after painting is you want a more rustic look.

Step 4: Replace glass and insert design into frame.

Step 5: Use hot glue to attach ribbon handles and create feet for the bottom of your tray.

Enjoy your new tray!


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