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Technical theater team brings home trophy

Five Baker theater students took first place at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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College Kitchen: Strawberry Roses

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A healthy Valentine’s Day dessert! These roses are easy to make and require few supplies. Use them as garnishes, skewer one and stick it in a glass of champagne, or make a whole bouquet of strawberry roses!

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DIY: Sharpie Mugs

Kayla Kohn provides the steps to design your own custom mug, using sharpies and an oven.

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The art and psychology of the selfie

Twitter dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Selfie” after the word was mentioned on the social media outlet more than 92 million times in that year alone. Now more than ever, teens and young adults are engrossed in the art of a selfie.

YouTube vs. Soundcloud: Which promotes better?

Many local rappers have perceptions of what they believe will get them major record deals, such as making YouTube videos of the songs they have recorded. But since 2007, SoundCloud has been used as a platform for musical artists to promote their own music for free.

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DIY: Lightbulb Christmas Ornaments

Giving burned-out lightbulbs a new purpose, Assistant Editor Sarah Baker creates new Christmas ornaments.

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Once taboo, tattoos find new life in job sector

With times changing and cultural norms changing with them, some Baker University students and staff are now viewing tattoos in a much less taboo way.

Review: Dracula Untold

Assistant Editor Mykaela Cross dissects the dead plot behind the new Dracula Untold released in October 2014.

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Fangirl forgoes homework for Netflix

Freshman Annie Ikenberry is a self-proclaimed fangirl. She is openly obsessed with a multitude of television shows, including The Flash, Supernatural, Arrow, Sherlock and Dr. Who.

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DIY: Glitter Canvas

Staff writer Megan Henry explains the steps in creating a glitter canvas.