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Spring Fest kicks off with Todden's last lecture

Instead of having Spring Fest all in one week, this year it is spread out so that students can have more opportunities to attend events.

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Millennials are shifting away from traditional religion

Although millennials nationwide may show decreasing numbers related to religious activity, Minister to the University Kevin Hopkins and senior Luke Miltz believe that religious events on campus are inclusive and well attended.

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New Harlaxton sashes will appear at May graduation

The University of Evansville is now offering graduation sashes for Harlaxton College alumni to wear during Baker's commencement ceremony.

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The reality of spring break

In this audio segment, Lily Stephens reports that spring break for BU students doesn't always mean a week of non-stop partying.

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Visiting biology professor will take full-time position

Visiting Professor of Biology Danielle Hemingson is no longer just a visitor on the BU campus. For 2017-18, Hemingson will become a full-time faculty member teaching classes for both biology and exercise science.

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Cat naps: More than half of BU students regularly take naps

If students needed a better reason to nap, they will soon have it with National Napping Day on March 13, the Monday of spring break. In an informal survey of 100 BU students, more than half of them said they take a nap on a typical day.

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Faculty Senate votes to eliminate art history major

Faculty Senate has voted to eliminate the art history major and minor, although art history classes will still be offered. The decision, which was made at the Feb. 21 meeting, now goes forward for administrative approval.

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Academic path differs for pre-nursing students

For most Baker students, spending four years at the Baldwin City campus is a given; however, for pre-nursing students, it is a different story.

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Rice Auditorium will get a facelift this year

Baker University's Merton S. Rice Memorial Auditorium will soon be getting a facelift when renovations start later this year.