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Karl Konzi helps define 'swag' on campus


Sophomore Karl Konzi, who is from Congo, takes pride in his attire and his education.

Founders Day to celebrate 158 years of BU tradition

Baker University is celebrating its 158th anniversary at 11 a.m. on Feb. 11 at Baldwin First United Methodist Church. Bishop Scott Jones is scheduled to give the keynote address about Baker's relationship with the United Methodist Church.

Not on board: New policy bans hoverboards

Hoverboards. Segways without handles. Self-balancing boards. Whatever you call them, they are no longer allowed on Baker University property, including residences and campus sidewalks. Before the start of the spring semester, Dean of Students Cassy Bailey sent an email notifying students that they will have to leave their new gadgets at home before returning to campus.

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Vinland aviation business offers flight lessons

The Vinland Aerodrome has been home to McFarlane Aviation since 1979. The business manufactures plane parts and offers flight lessons

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Restaurant tips: server incentive or archaic system?

A few U.S. restaurants are eliminating tips and raising wages, but some owners and servers argue that tips provide incentive to offer better service.

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Susan Emel: professor with many titles

Susan Emel is known by many titles on campus, including Director of Speech Choir, professor and department chair. She teaches communication classes by day and directs the Baker Speech Choir at night. She is an ordained reverend and is said to be an important part of many students’ lives at Baker.

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Athleisure added to the dictionary


As athletic clothing is becoming more socially acceptable for general use, the word "athleisure" has been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

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Many young voters remain apathetic about elections

With presidential debates in recent headlines and a major election on the horizon in 2016, many college students remain uninformed about voting.

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To friend or not to friend?

How much are students allowed to be friends with professors until it’s inappropriate? Social media relationships blur the lines of appropriateness and friendship between students and faculty on campus.