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Faculty Senate approves public health major

After a two-year development process, a new exercise science major dedicated to public health should soon be added to the fall 2017 catalog. Faculty Senate recently approved the major.

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Hot or Not: Is Tinder ruining lives?

While a lot of Baker students use Tinder, they don't all use it for the same reason. Rhonda Applegate explores how some of the students use the popular app.

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Reality Check: Are textbook prices really on the rise?

Whether driven up by the new competitive markets or down by today’s ease of access to rental or electronic sources, the price of college textbooks is forefront on the minds of students, professors and publishing companies.

Water Wars competition heats up

The annual Water Wars begins on April 5. The competition is hosted by the Chapel Ambassadors.

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Social media platforms evolve with millennials’ usage

Millennials' social media use dominates much of their daily lives, as shown largely by a recent BU survey which showed that 81 percent of students use social media to see what their friends are up to.

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The color in cosmetics: fifty shades of brown

Why are cosmetic companies shying away from black female consumers? Multimedia Editor Dory Smith discusses the issues with cosmetics that arise for women of color.

Big Event to inspire students to volunteer in Baldwin City

Baker students will have the opportunity to give back to the community on April 22 by participating in the Big Event. Students will be volunteering for volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, Midland Railway, Rainbow Experience Preschool, Homespun Hill Farm, Worden United Methodist Church and United Way of Douglas County.

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Interterm to include summer travel options

Baker students will soon have the option to enroll in a summer travel interterm, and freshmen will no longer be required to take an interterm in their first year at Baker. Faculty Senate has approved these changes, which will now be submitted for administrative approval.

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TEA brings gender-inclusive restrooms to BU's campus

Single-stalled restrooms in eight buildings on Baker University's campus are now gender-inclusive for transgender and non-binary students.