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Mass Media department welcomes upbeat professor

With an extensive track record in public relations, multiple teaching styles and upbeat personality, welcoming new Assistant Professor of Mass Media Laura Young was an easy task.

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Freshman maintains devout Baptist lifestyle

As the first in her family to pursue a higher-level education, freshman Daisy Turney is breaking tradition. Turney is a member of the Old German Baptist Brethren church.

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Before teaching, Carrie Coward Bucher helped runaways

College students who procrastinate on papers or do not perform well on tests probably will not faze Assistant Professor of Sociology Carrie Coward Bucher. She has experience helping homeless children, including some who were selling their bodies on the streets.

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Through history and music, Collin Studer exemplifies liberal arts

Majoring in history and music isn't the end of schooling for senior Collin Studer. After accomplishing feats in both majors, Studer now looks toward law school.

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Retiring Goodcents owner brings hospitality to Baldwin

When Chip Hornberger took over the Baldwin City Goodcents location, it had been open for five years, and he has owned it for the past 10. Now he must decide its future.

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Rev Kev enjoys melting-pot family

Campus Minister Reverend Kevin Hopkins shares his experience with adopting four of his six children. “In my own family, this melting pot of cultures and races has been amazing for me to see through the years,” Hopkins said.

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Schwerdt goes from the corporate world to the classroom

Instructor of Business and Economics Paulette Schwerdt has made the transition from the corporate world to the classroom.

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Title IX protects both victims and perpetrators

If Baker students repeatedly plagiarize and are caught in the act, the offense will be indicated on their academic transcript. However, if students are expelled for sexual assault, the offense will not be noted on their transcript when they transfer to another university.

SN401 is no longer a graduation requirement

The Baker University Faculty Senate recently approved the Educational Programs Committee’s decision to remove Salon 401 from all students’ catalog requirements starting next fall.

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Professor Pumphrey devoted to archaeological digs in Israel

For the past eight years, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Nicholaus Pumphrey has traveled to Israel for archaeological digs.