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You can't be friends with a black girl?

Multimedia Editor Dory Smith shares her thoughts on biracial friendships.

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Millennials suffer from phantom vibration syndrome

Ever have the feeling that your phone is vibrating, but when you look down, there’s nothing there? Staff Writer Abie Roorda does some research into phantom vibration syndrome.

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Professors and students share responsibility for grade inflation

Recent studies suggest a constant rise in students' grade-point averages since the 1960s, but the underlying question relates to who is at fault: students or professors? Pressure may now be on both parties to find the balance between easy courses and continued academic success.

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A coffee a day keeps retirement away

Columnist Lauren Freking shares her thoughts about the amount of money millennials spend on coffee and it's affect on retirement funds.

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Millennials face less prosperous financial future

Columnist Lauren Freking discusses research showing that most of today’s college students are unlikely to make more money than their parents.

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Editorial: Students struggle to connect with interterm

Although diverse choices are offered with interterm classes, students still struggle to find the purpose of interterm.

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Looking for balance between college athletics and academics

Staff Writer Spencer Brown evaluates Baker's current balance, or lack thereof, between both athletes and scholars. Universities that pride themselves on their athletic success may indirectly be undervaluing academics at the same time. After all, students are scholars before they are athletes.

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Reinventing the millennial New Year's resolution

New Year’s resolutions tend to be easier said than done. As millennials that crave instant gratification, it is difficult to dig deep into the journey of reaching a goal.

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Jim Joyner's final farewell

Assistant Sports Editor Jim Joyner gives his final farewells and thanks after graduating from Baker in December.