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Editorial: looking through a local lens

Many students often forget that small, local businesses can help make our college experience more memorable, and despite what we may sometimes think, they’re always in danger of disappearing.

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#Blessed: being thankful for Baker

Columnist Lauren Freking encourages students to be thankful during their time at Baker.

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Editorial: Campus still needs a larger facility for big events

Baker University has received a $300,000 grant to help with renovations to Rice Auditorium. However, the school is still in need of a large meeting place.

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Slacktivism: Are you really making a difference on Facebook?

Columnist Lauren Freking informs some Facebook users that they are living in a dream world.

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Mental health: a silent illness

Staff writer Brenna Thompson believes mental health is something we need to address as a campus. Let's talk about it.

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Get Involved: You'll thank yourself later

Staff Writer Abie Roorda thinks that students should get involved on campus despite the hardships college can bring.

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Candidates mostly waste our time with negative political ads

Columnist Lauren Freking discusses the effects of recent negative political ads on voters.

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Taking pride in school color(s)?

Baker University, one of only two schools in the nation to have orange – and only orange – as its recognized school color, right? Maybe. Looking on Wikipedia today will give you a slightly different answer, stating that Baker’s school colors are “Orange & Navy Blue.” So where does the truth lie?

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The Whistleblower and the Watchdog: Why Snowden deserves a pardon

As the situation currently stands, if Edward Snowden attempts to re-enter the country, he could be charged and convicted under the U.S. Espionage Act of 1917. Editor Sarah Baker discusses why she believes Snowden should be granted a pardon.