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The ethics of unpaid internships

Lily Stephens discusses if unpaid internships are ethical for students who are yearning for experience but hurting for money to save during the summer months.

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What you need to know before using marijuana

Staff writer Abie Roorda explores the hidden truth behind marijuana use, noting the importance of gathering the facts before experimenting with it.

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Audiobooks trending among millennials

Columnist Lauren Freking explores the growing trend of audiobooks and how they are helping traditional book readers get back to the enjoyment of reading.

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Dissatisfied U.S. workers contribute to employee burnout

Recent survey results indicate that overall dissatisfaction among employees is rising. As college students approach graduation, for some the fear of employee burnout may become reality.

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Editorial: Journalism can combat fake news

In the current world of fake news and alternative facts, news sources are often portrayed as evil, but in reality news media outlets serve as our watchdogs.

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BU marketing 'gifs' humor to social media

Baker's Marketing Department has stepped up its game on its social media platforms by connecting with students and potential students as well as by posting gifs.

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Conservative students stifled on college campuses

Columnist Lauren Freking argues that due to a sweeping majority of college students identifying as Democrats, the conservative minority has often been silenced on U.S. campuses.

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Division grows between millennials and baby boomers

Columnist Lauren Freking shares insight on the divide millennials and baby boomers experience. Both generations feel misunderstood by one another.

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Advising program: Is it time for a change?

Assistant Editor Mykaela Cross acknowledges the reliance students have on their academic advisors. She challenges peers to keep track of their own path, not completely relying on their advisors to light the path.