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Who's on board?

The future may have to wait. At least on Baker’s campus. The recent restrictions on hoverboards on campus did not generate as much protest as might have been expected. We on the Baker Orange Editorial Board and much of the student body seem to weigh heavier on the side of indifferent acceptance.

Welcome back to Baker

Staff Writer Heidi Jo Hayen writes about her experience coming back to campus and adjusting to college life after a long, relaxing winter break.

The victory lap in pro sports is way too long

Sports Editor Jim Joyner discusses the victory lap in professional sports and Kobe Bryant's final trip around the NBA.

College football has too many bowl games

Sports Editor Jim Joyner discusses the problems of too many college football bowl games.

Concussion rules sometimes go too far

Assistant Sports Editor Nathalia Barr examines recent concussion policies in the NFL and U.S. soccer.

For study abroad, adventure trumps fear

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, assistant media editor Whitney Silkey shares why she refuses to fear studying abroad for interterm in January.

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Spread the gift of giving

While we understand how easy it can be to get caught up in daily life during such a busy time of year, the Baker Orange staff urges our fellow students to remember those in need this holiday season and spread the gift of giving.

Planning for life after graduation can be slightly scary

Staff Writer Hayley Morrical discusses her fears about her impending December graduation and plans for her future.

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The bittersweet truth about sugar

Staff Writer Lauren Freking explains the detriment of consuming too sugar.