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Political slander turns off students

Baker Orange Editorial Board discusses students involvement, or lack thereof, in politics and how its the advertisements that really cause student apathy.

How to beat the winter blues

Staff writer Jenna Warmund gives advice on surviving the last few weeks of the fall semester.

Social media: More than just a like

Staff writer Megan Henry discusses the emphasis of social media on young girls.

Weightlifting: Not just for the boys

Baker Orange staff writer Hayley Morrical discusses her past with weightlifting and the future of women in the sport.

Blogging for the future

Staff writer Jenna Warmund, who blogs in her free time, discusses its purpose in her life.

Athletes identify by their number

Staff writer Megan Henry discusses the importance of a specific number to an athlete.

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Egg freezing: A step in the right direction

Editor Taylor Shuck discusses the possibility of freezing reproductive eggs and what it means for women's rights.

An Open Letter on Advising

In a letter to the editor, Associate Professor of Sociology Jacob Bucher shares his concern about faculty members recruiting current students for particular majors.

The value of a page

Assistant editor discusses the value of a book in today's society.

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Changes to interterm cause frustration

The Baker Orange editorial board discusses the new issues regarding interterm and its credit hour requirements.