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Eliminate gender stereotypes for kids

Assistant news editor Whitney Silkey shares her opinion on why gender stereotypes should be eliminated.

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BuyPartisan app can be a dangerous political tool

Staff Writer Lauren Freking shares her views on the BuyPartisan app that enables consumers to scan a barcode on any product and see where the product stands politically.

Class participation causes anxiety for some students

In college, every professor has the section on the syllabus that details point values for students. Below written assignments, daily homework, tests and presentations is the dreaded participation section.

Quest program should keep emphasis on humanities

If QS212 is eliminated as a requirement in the Quest program, not only are students losing a humanities-based course, but we’re now missing out on an opportunity to develop self-discovery skills only achievable by studying the humanities, arts and our nature as humans.

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Quest classes sometimes lack consistency

Staff Writer Heidi Jo Hayen gives her assessment of the Quest Program.

Making the most of my mid-college crisis

Staff Writer Lauren Freking insists students push through their mid-college crises and trust their instincts while making the most of their college experience.

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Taking notes in class: type or write?

When it comes to taking notes in class, staff writer Shelby Stephens suggests that students should leave their laptops at home and take hand-written notes instead.

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Can Netflix become an addiction?

Staff Writer Abigaile Roorda wonders whether or not Netflix binge watching could be considered as an addiction or a harmless pastime.

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Credit cards: Have your cake and eat it, too

Staff writer Lauren Freking argues that most college students should get credit cards.

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Academic dishonesty: It's not just for students

Staff writer Lauren Freking addresses academic research fraud among professors aiming to move up in their fields through dishonest shortcuts.