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Academic dishonesty: It's not just for students

Staff writer Lauren Freking addresses academic research fraud among professors aiming to move up in their fields through dishonest shortcuts.

Not-so-silent library

The Collins Library recently has become more of a social scene than a place to find students with their noses in books.

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Internet more high-stress than high-speed

Although #BUWiFi was sometimes slow before, it seems that despite the promise of a “high-speed” update, it’s now worse than ever.

U.S. News rankings should go beyond the numbers

Columnist Lauren Freking looks into Baker's ranking among U.S. News' Best Colleges.

The silence of the loss

Sports Editor Jim Joyner discusses the silence and impact after the Kansas City Chiefs' loss to the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football.

Kansas State halftime show lacked sportsmanship

Regardless of whether or not the members of the Kansas State University marching band nailed their halftime formation or not, there was no reason for the Wildcats to have the Jayhawk on their field in the first place.

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Coke uses misleading ads to boost sales


Staff writer Lauren Freking analyzes Coca-Cola and its recent ad campaigns to promote Coke alongside fitness-oriented content, possibly misleading consumers.

Royally ready

Sports Editor Jim Joyner talks about the Kansas City Royals and their upcoming playoff journey.

Editorial: #GetOffYourPhone

With the rising popularity of cell phones and other devices, technology has greatly reduced face-to-face interaction. The Editorial Staff states our opinion on excessive cell phone usage and what you should do instead.

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Campus building names decoded

Because some building have multiple names, it can be difficult to navigate Baker University. Assistant News Editor Whitney Silkey gives the low-down on finding your way around campus.