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Editorial: The End Is Nigh

The Editorial Board expresses the importance of a healthy mind and body during finals week.

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Is a $15 minimum wage reasonable for Kansans?

Assistant News Editor Whitney Silkey discusses why she believes Kansas should not follow other states in their decision to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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Binge watching may hinder happiness

Based on recent research, columnist Lauren Freking is concerned about the effects of Netflix binge watching.

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America hasn't lost its greatness

Junior Lauren Freking, who is studying in Italy during the spring 2016 semester, argues that the United States is still the greatest country in the world.

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A college student's guide to napping

Staff writer Abi Roorda looks into the art of daytime napping and how to benefit the most from a nap.

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Who deserves a pep rally?

Staff writer Bailey Conklin believes Baker athletic success at the national level is something to celebrate, but the university needs to spend more time deciding how and when to celebrate.

Editorial: Making room for athletic growth

The Baker Orange Editorial Board suggests that new land be used to build a new athletic facility.

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YouTube is broken

Assistant Editor Sarah Baker looks into the world of YouTube to explain the recent frustration over the platform's controversial copyright algorithm.

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Missing emails? Check the new clutter folder

Students may be missing out on emails that end up in Microsoft 365's new clutter folder.

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Kansas legislators want to cut taxes at expense of libraries

Staff writer Heidi Jo Hayen discusses a new Kansas bill concerning taxes and library funding that has stalled due to its poor reception from the public.