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The Whistleblower and the Watchdog: Why Snowden deserves a pardon

As the situation currently stands, if Edward Snowden attempts to re-enter the country, he could be charged and convicted under the U.S. Espionage Act of 1917. Editor Sarah Baker discusses why she believes Snowden should be granted a pardon.

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Free college for all is a bad idea

Columnist Lauren Freking says free college education for all Americans sounds like a good idea, but it may have unintended consequences.

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Stressed students are singing the midterm blues

Columnist Lauren Freking says October is a beautiful time of the year, but it is also a time where many students start to get the midterm blues.

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Editorial: We want you ... to vote!

The Baker Orange Editorial Board wants everyone to vote this election season in one of the most crucial and dramatic presidential elections yet. For most college students, this will be their first presidential election, so it is all that much more critical for them to vote.

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Do safe spaces and trigger warnings belong in college?

Assistant Photo Editor Lexi Loya gives her perspective on the growing popularity of safe spaces and trigger warnings on college campuses.

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Clickbait: the shocking way Facebook manipulates you

Columnist Lauren Freking thinks clickbait is often too tempting to resist.

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Frustrated students are dreaming of a better fitness center

Columnist Lauren Freking has become frustrated with the out-dated workout equipment in the Mabee fitness center and she is not the only one.

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How to manage time on a college clock

Staff Writer Abie Roorda has some helpful hints on how to stay organized and manage your time to best be successful in college.

The semester before: my expectations of Harlaxton

Staff Writer Claire Sullivan will be studying abroad at Harlaxton College next spring. Here is what she is expecting from her semester abroad in England.

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Editorial: Print is not dead yet

The Baker Orange Editorial Board voices their love for and the importance of print media in a world of fast digital news.