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Outsourcing takes away from 'Baker family'

In just the last year alone, Baker has seen many changes; from outsourcing the dining services, nursing staff and public safety to an entirely new Harter Student Union, students will be walking on to a campus with an entirely new feel. And while some of the superficial changes are helpful in making the campus more presentable, the recent spike in outsourcing is concerning.

Cross: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Freshman Mykaela Cross discusses the importance and ease of recycling on Baker's campus.

Faculty senate decision misses liberal arts mark

Managing Editor Taylor Shuck recounts her experience at the faculty senate meeting and her reaction to the decision not to reinstate the QS 112 linked course.

Affirmative action unnecessary at university level

Senior Reporter Katie Thurbon weighs in on the Supreme Court decision involving affirmative action at public universities.

Taylor's Top 10: Things my dog has taught me

Managing Editor Taylor Shuck talks about how getting a pitbull/terrier mix puppy has changed her life in more ways than one -- 10 ways to be exact.

Lyons: From BU to the NFL

Print Editor Tera Lyons shares her thoughts on internships and her Baker experience.

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Equal pay only half the issue

The Baker Orange editorial board discusses how women should have the confidence to seek higher paying jobs rather than waiting for equal pay legislation.

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Outgoing president shares final thoughts

University President Pat Long reflects on her Baker experience before retiring on June 30.

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Westboro Church protest has no clear winner

photo gallery

Print Editor Tera Lyons describes the Westboro Baptist Church's protest on Easter Sunday in Baldwin City.

Letter to the editor: BU needs diversity in curriculum

In a letter to the editor, former Baker University student Mike Ford challenges Baker University to provide diversity in its academic curriculum.