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Morrical: Cheer should be considered sport

Staff writer Hayley Morrical is a part of the Spirit Squad at Baker University, but she didn't always classify cheerleading as a sport. Here she discusses how she came to realize the athleticism involved in the competition.

Tim Cook hypocritical in slamming Religious Restoration Act

Editor Taylor Shuck denounces Apple CEO Tim Cook for his hypocritical slam on the Religious Restoration Act in Indiana.

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Baker should return to Wildcat Wire system

The Baker Orange Editorial Board asks for the revival of the Wildcat Wire, Baker's old email notices.

Kohn: Why I tried being a 'weekday vegetarian'

Staff writer Kayla Kohn explains the positive side of a meatless diet.

March Madness: a real holiday season

Assistant Sports Editor Jim Joyner discusses the wonder of basketball that is the NCAA Tournament.

Liberal arts education leads to well-rounded students

Staff writer Spencer Brown defines liberal arts and the place it has in his life.

Letter to the editor: BU responsible for Wetlands, Old Castle

In a letter to the editor, former Baker University student Mike Ford expresses his disappointment in the lack of upkeep with Old Castle Museum.

Borland's retirement sends message about safety to NFL

Staff writer Heidi Jo Hayen discusses the importance of head safety in the NFL

The impact of the Thicke-Gaye case

Staff writer Steven Stendebach discusses the Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams copyright lawsuit and its subsequent effects on the industry

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1,176 miles back home

Editor Taylor Shuck tells how it's not the destination but the journey that matters.