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It's not funny anymore

Staff writer Caringtyn Julian is tired of overused web humor, especially the viral video "Damn, Daniel."

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Editorial: the debate over free college

The editorial staff discusses Bernie Sanders' free college plan.

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Here comes Barbie with a twist

Thanks to Mattel's new line of Barbies, the dolls now come in four sizes: petite, tall, curvy and original. Staff writer Abi Roorda wonders whether Barbie’s body is really the issue.

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Sports Illustrated gets a plus-sized remodeling

Sports Illustrated has been receiving nationwide attention from the release of its annual swimsuit issue. Ashley Graham, the magazine's first plus-size cover girl, weighs 166 pounds and is a size 14. She is becoming one of the media’s newest body image advocates.

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Love is … maybe not the Dating Doctor

Lexi Loya shares her reaction to a recent performance by the strange Dating Doctor, Ryan Clauson.

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Digital vs. Physical: Which textbook version is better?

Sophomore Bailey Conklin discusses whether e-books or physical books are better for studying.

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CDC links pregnancy to alcohol consumption


Assistant Photo Editor Lexi Loya discusses the controversy over a recent CDC infographic suggesting that if women drink too much, they may become pregnant.

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Social media plays a huge role in students' lives. Should it?

Staff Writer Caringtyn Julian looks into how social media plays a role in the lives of Baker students and how it is rare to be completely off the grid.

Financial education should start early

Columnist Lauren Freking compares financial education to lessons about delayed gratification.

Setting goals can lead to success

Staff writer Abie Roorda provides some tips on how to set goals, and keep them, for a successful semester.