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Editors recap year, lessons learned

Editor Taylor Shuck and print editor Kayla Infanti recap the year and explain the lessons learned throughout their time as editors.

Tim Cook hypocritical in slamming Religious Restoration Act

Editor Taylor Shuck denounces Apple CEO Tim Cook for his hypocritical slam on the Religious Restoration Act in Indiana.

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1,176 miles back home

Editor Taylor Shuck tells how it's not the destination but the journey that matters.

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The Mine considered 'home' by many

The Mine, a local bar in Baldwin City, is home to many in the community. From locals to students, many frequent the down-home bar.

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Murray delivers State of the University

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President Lynne Murray focused on the university's economic sustainability in a changing educational environment during her State of the University address on Feb. 17 in Rice Auditorium.

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What the hell is wrong with Kansas?


Editor Taylor Shuck discusses Gov. Sam Brownback's recent executive order and the effect it will have on Kansas.

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The art and psychology of the selfie

Twitter dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Selfie” after the word was mentioned on the social media outlet more than 92 million times in that year alone. Now more than ever, teens and young adults are engrossed in the art of a selfie.

Politicians forget about the bigger picture

Editor Taylor Shuck recounts her experience at President Obama's speech at the University of Kansas on Thursday.

SAC to host mobile soup kitchen

In a city the size of Baldwin City, homelessness is more of a myth than a physical reality. But on Monday, one staff member is aiming to raise awareness of the issue with the Legendary Project.

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Students transition into spring with interterm

Interterm is underway on the Baldwin City campus and students of all ages find different pros and cons attached with the opportunity, which is unique to Baker.

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Baldwin City swells for Maple Leaf Festival

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The annual Maple Leaf Festival draws in bustling crowds from across the Midwest. Baldwin City, which usually boasts a modest population of 4.500, expands to find room for approximately 35,000 attendees.

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Egg freezing: A step in the right direction

Editor Taylor Shuck discusses the possibility of freezing reproductive eggs and what it means for women's rights.

Sexual misconduct case under investigation

For the first time since 2010, a formal sexual misconduct case has been opened at Baker University. A criminal investigation is underway as well.

HLC requirements affect interterm structure

Last year, Faculty Senate decided to allow variable credit hours for interterm courses so students could choose which classes they wanted to take partly based on the hours required. But with recent credit-hour requirements designated by the Higher Learning Commission, interterm is changing in the way it functions for both students and faculty.

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High-speed internet hits small-town America

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The official launch of RG Fiber was held outside Mabee Hall, with many Kansas leaders and dignitaries in attendance. RG Fiber was designed by a digital agency called the Reflective Group in an attempt to bring high speed internet to small town America.

Fight for $15 threatens my college degree

Editor Taylor Shuck talks about how the Fight for $15 campaign, although a good idea in theory, is a threat to students with college degrees.

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Campus clubs strive for political awareness

Students and young voters only made up about 19 percent of the 2008 electorate. Three Baker clubs are trying to increase that statistic.

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Community Choir begins rehearsals

Rehearsals for the University Community Choir have started as the group prepares for its first concert on Oct. 24.

Universities lack sexual assault punishment

Editor Taylor Shuck talks about the University of Kansas and its use of the term "non-consensual sex" in a rape case.

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Budget cuts surprise faculty, staff

To start the 2014-15 school year, Baker University was faced with a pile of budget cuts that surprised faculty and staff.

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Carter's cancer battle leads to retirement

After brain surgery, former Professor of Psychology Marc Carter has retired and Chair of Psychology Rand Ziegler will resume his old position as a professor

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Hookup culture: the end of college dating

Editor Taylor Shuck talks about the hookup culture and how it has affected dating in college.

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Murray seeks insights from students

Although President Lynne Murray has been asked repeatedly what she hopes to do for Baker, she believes it will take conversations with faculty, staff and students to really understand the direction of the university.

SAC's bash to welcome BU community

The Students Activity Council (SAC) is prepared to help welcome new and returning students, faculty, staff, alumni and surrounding community members to the Baker campus with its Back 2 School Bash.

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Sophomore completes D.C. internship

Sophomore Lauren Freking completed an internship on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to learn about politics and accounting.

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Zach Kindler dies from cardiac arrest

Zach Kindler, Baker University’s track and field and cross country coach, died late Monday night from severe cardiac arrest. There will be a prayer service for the Kindler family on Wednesday, Aug. 6, at 11 a.m. in the Osborne Chapel.

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Baker outsources campus security

Effective on July 1, Baker has outsourced its public safety department to NMS Security, a division of NANA Management Services based out of Alaska.

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Murray speaks of vision and challenges

President Lynne Murray met with media from the area today to talk about her hopes and potential roadblocks at Baker University.

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Summer Bridge students spend June at BU

Summer Bridge students ended their short stint at Baker last week with a slew of finals. These recent high school graduates came to Baker as a jumpstart to college, a way to put them ahead of the rest.

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Irwin to become a co-ed dorm


With all of Gessner Hall, the New Living Center and Horn and Markham Apartments at full male capacity, Irwin Hall will be housing men this year as well.

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Father and daughter graduate together

Senior Teresa Drovetta and her father Dave Drovetta are earning their respective degrees from Baker University.

Faculty senate decision misses liberal arts mark

Managing Editor Taylor Shuck recounts her experience at the faculty senate meeting and her reaction to the decision not to reinstate the QS 112 linked course.

Seniors sweep undergraduate history categories

Seniors John Patchen and Michael Preut swept the undergraduate categories at the Kansas Association of Historians in Wichita.

Faculty Senate votes against linked class

Faculty Senate voted to keep the requirements for Quest 112 as they stand now, with no required linked course, and passed program changes that will go into effect in 2015.

Taylor's Top 10: Things my dog has taught me

Managing Editor Taylor Shuck talks about how getting a pitbull/terrier mix puppy has changed her life in more ways than one -- 10 ways to be exact.

Faculty Senate to vote on linked-course requirement

Faculty Senate will vote May 6 on whether to reinstate the linked-course requirement for Quest 112. Last year, Faculty Senate voted to get rid of the linked course, meaning that freshmen were required to take only three hours of general education instead of six during their second semester.

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Senior ends extended time with exhibit

photo gallery

After finding his calling in studio art during his extended time at BU, senior Alex Coffey will graduate May 18. The Department of Education says Coffey is part of the 60 percent of U.S. students who graduate within six years of starting college.

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Myra Glover: the woman behind the presidency

Executive Assistant Myra Glover started in the president’s office at the same time as retiring President Pat Long. She serves as a gatekeeper for the information that actually gets to Long’s desk, filtering and handling work that can be done without the president’s stamp of approval.

Community should focus on change to prevent prejudice

Managing editor Taylor Shuck reflects on the recent shooting at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park.

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DIY: Dyed Denim Shorts


As part of the Baker Orange do-it-yourself series for arts and entertainment, managing editor Taylor Shuck explains how to create dip-dyed denim shorts.

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Junior class presents gate blueprints

After 123 years, plans are finally in the works to build a campus gate for the House of Hanover.

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Family moving in search of medical marijuana

interactive project

At nine weeks old, Otis Reed was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy, a disease resistant to any form of treatment. In May, the 2-year old and his parents will be moving to Colorado to seek medical marijuana treatment for Otis' regular seizures.

Newly-hired faculty find right fit

During the fall 2014 semester, Baker will welcome five new professors to the Baldwin City campus. The university has already hired a professor of biology to replace retiring professor Cal Cink and added a new professor to join the Mass Media & Visual Arts Department.

Students shouldn't rely on passive philosophy

Managing editor Taylor Shuck believes a go-with-the-flow philosophy does not always work.

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Marijuana debate ignites local viewpoints

interactive project

Now that Colorado residents are free to walk into marijuana dispensaries every day, the debate about legalization has spread to other parts of the country, including Baldwin City.

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Senior selected for international conference

Senior track and field athlete Katie Thurbon has been chosen as the U.S. female representative for student-athletes at the International University Sports Federation forum.

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Music students prep for Ireland performances

Sixteen Baker University music students will be leaving the country on Thursday and traveling to Ireland to learn from and perform with students in Dundalk, along with gaining other concert experiences.

Taylor's Top 10 - Things your mother shouldn't do for you anymore

Managing Editor Taylor Shuck discusses how college is a time to gain independence, not to keep leaning on parents for help.

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Review: Kings of Leon Concert

Entertainment Editor Taylor Shuck, a self-professed Kings of Leon fan, reviews the band's concert March 5 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

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BU students ready for spring break


Many Baker University students are making travel plans for spring break March 17-21.