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Former BU football players seek pro careers

The journey for a college football player to become a pro is usually challenging, but three former Baker University players have accepted that challenge.

Lyons: From BU to the NFL

Print Editor Tera Lyons shares her thoughts on internships and her Baker experience.

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Westboro Church protest has no clear winner

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Print Editor Tera Lyons describes the Westboro Baptist Church's protest on Easter Sunday in Baldwin City.

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Morningside ends BU football season

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The fourth-ranked Baker University football team fell to No. 5 Morningside College during the second round of the NAIA national championship playoffs 36-28.

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Professors offended by cellphone usage

Cellphones have become a universal tool, but many Baker University professors find them too distracting in the classroom. To combat the disturbance, some faculty members are making policies for their courses.

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Ottawa, Baker battle in annual food drive

The beginning of the Baker University football season not only brings the rivalry game against Ottawa University, but the annual non-perishable food drive, Tackling Hunger.

Miley Cyrus crosses line during VMA performance

Print Editor Tera Lyons discusses Miley Cyrus' behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Harlaxton leaves lasting memories

Harlaxton College was simply put, the best experience of my life and I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without it. It opened my eyes to the world, it forced me to make my own plans and be more independent, and most of all it provided me the chance to see friends that I would normally only see in the summer.

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Thatcher had strong connections to Baker

Margaret Thatcher left her mark on Baker University through her presence at the rededication ceremony of Osborne Chapel in 1996, a chapel where her father had preached in Sproxton, England.

Study-abroad classes provide challenge

Harlaxton is more than just travelling and having an experience abroad. This semester has put me through the toughest course work thus far in my college career. The first thing we were told was that this was described as “education on steroids,” and a truer statement was never spoken.

Lambs combat exam stress

There is one truth in life and it is very simple: college students love baby animals. The Harlaxton Facebook page is constantly being bombarded with cute videos and pictures of kittens and sloths and now even the professors have joined in.

'Meatless Monday' causes mass student backlash

Today the Student Government Association of Harlaxton College found out exactly how to cause a mass uprising of the student body. It was pretty simple -- take away their meat.

A trip through a storybook

Growing up, reading a book was my escape into a new world. My favorite books consisted of Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia; I eventually added The Lord of the Rings and sometimes even a few classics. Never had I ever imagined I would be walking the footsteps of my favorite authors and seeing my favorite stories come to life.

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Harlaxton thrives on 'the little things'

The experience at Harlaxton College is not marked by one single event and is not solely about travel or attending a university abroad. It is all of the little things in between that make the college worth attending.

The journey north to Scotland

Scotland is one of the most magnificent places that I have had a chance to visit thus far. From the moment the train pulled into the country, I knew that I would enjoy my time there.

Three locations in one weekend

This weekend may have been the busiest, craziest, weekend of my time in England.

Girl Scout cookies reach the manor

We have talked about invasions in every one of our British studies classes, and today Girl Scout cookies invaded Harlaxton Manor. You could tell how much we miss America by the line that trailed back from that heavenly table.

Playing for the Harlaxton Lions

Joining the Harlaxton Lions basketball team wasn’t exactly the first club I planned to join when I got to England, but it is already turning out to be one of my favorite decisions.

Snow at Harlaxton Manor

England looks even more beautiful when covered in snow. I have lived in Colorado almost my entire life, but nothing could prepare me for a snowy day at Harlaxton Manor. I could not even imagine a time when I smiled more or had such a magnificent day.

Living in a Castle

I am living in a castle. That is all that was running through my head as our coach pulled up to Harlaxton Manor where I will have the opportunity to be attending school for four months. The first few hours when we arrived were for us to freely explore the manor and take countless photos.

Lyons prepares for study abroad experience

Junior Tera Lyons shares what she is excited about for her semester at Harlaxton College.

Hall of Fame banquet sums up Wildcat experience

Junior Tera Lyons attended the Baker University Hall of Fame Induction and Student-Athlete Award Banquet on Friday.

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BVLLA begins second year of melee battles

At 4 p.m. every Sunday on Mabee Lawn, the sounds of crashing weapons and battle cries can be heard across the Baker University campus. This is the Baker Vniversity Lifeless Language Association (BVLLA) holding its weekly melee battle using foam weapons and shields.

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Mater walks in memory of father

Every year, 5,600 new patients are diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disease that attacks motor in the brain and spine and affects the functionality of a person. Nine years ago, senior Madison Mater lost her father to the disease.

Lyons reflects on summer spent at Camp Lindenmere

Camp counselors are the same type of people. They are from different parts of the world and we have many different types of personalities and talents, but in the end, they are there for the kids

Tera Lyons proud of BU fans at sporting events

Sophomore Tera Lyons discusses how she is proud of fans for attending sporting events and thinks the wins have united the campus.

Public should treat athletes as humans

Sophomore Tera Lyons discusses how the public should treat athletes as humans.

Patriots fans disappointed with loss

Across the Baker University campus, there were some diehard fans with their eyes set on a victory and not the commercials, which filled the time between plays.

Grossner discusses Super Bowl XLVI


Head football coach at Baker University Mike Grossner shares his thoughts on this year's Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Tera Lyons ponders media industry changes

Sophomore Tera Lyons discusses how social media sites are changing the media industry.

Tera Lyons gives students survival tips for zombie invasion

Sophomore Tera Lyons gives students survival tips for a zombie invasion.

Tera Lyons wonders about the 'Tebow Effect'

Sophomore Tera Lyons believes everyone needs to put belief in someone and she discusses the “Tebow Effect.”

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Students participate in live action role playing

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Every Sunday, BVLLA hosts live action role playing, or LARPing, on South Mabee Lawn. Students dress up and are separated into groups where they have mock battles using foam weapons.

Tera Lyons inspired by camp experience

Sophomore Tera Lyons discusses the impact Pennsylvania has made on her life.